Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Welcome to Mr. Duberowski's Classroom

Mr. Duberowski is now the School Registrar and does not have any fall course offerings. 

2017 Schedule (Spring Semester)

Period 1     8:20-9:12         World History
Period 2     9:16-10:03       World History
Period 3     10:07-10:54     World History

Contact Mr. Duberowski:
Phone 218-338-6011 Ext 156 (Office Phone Accepts Voicemail)
Phone 218-338-6011 Ext 104 (Classroom Phone No Voicemail)

Mr. Duberowski        
Guidelines and Expectations

Daily Necessities:
·         Pen or Pencil
·         Notebook (No loose paper)
·         Folder or Binder
·         Textbook with Cover

Classroom Expectations:

·         RESPECT.  The one rule above all others is RESPECT.
·         Respect yourself, your classmates, all instructors, and property of the school at all times.
·         Severe infractions may result in immediate removal from the classroom and referral to Principal’s office.
·         The PPHS Student handbook is your responsibility to read and understand.  You are responsible to conduct yourself at all times according to the policies set forth in it; and are subject to the consequences of your actions.
·         Be on time. That means you are in your assigned seat when the bell rings.  If you are not on time you are tardy.  I may or may not remind you that you are tardy but it will be recorded.
·         Contribute to class discussions and do not be afraid to ask questions.  Be engaged in your education.
·         Absolutely no cheating.  Take pride in yourself and your own work.  Cheating will result in a zero.
·         No food, pop, or candy allowed in the classroom. Gum is allowed unless it violates the respect rule.  Water is allowed.
·         Hall passes are allowed twice per quarter.  Passes will be given at the beginning of the quarter and are your responsibility.  Unused hall passes can be returned at the end of the quarter for 10 points each.
·         Cell Phones and other electronic devices are only to be used with prior permission. Any such devices being used without prior permission will be confiscated and given to the  principal.  Cell phones and the classroom phone are not to be used by students to make calls or send texts except in emergency. Non emergency communication is to be done outside of class time.  Scheduling a ride, forgetting your uniform, or your book for example, do not constitute an emergency.
·         PARENTS:  Cell phones are often an expense to you and a primary means of communication   They can however be a significant distraction to the learning process so please make sure your student understands the consequences of having their phone or other devices in class.

*As course instructor I reserve the right to alter expectations and enforcement as needed,  at my discretion, on a case by case basis.

·         All assignments are due the following class period unless otherwise noted.
·         Late work is not acceptable.  As always, exceptions can be made if you communicate with me BEFORE the due date.  Forgetting is an excuse and an excuse is not an exception. 
·         Similar to hall passes, you will also be issued two “Late Work” passes.  Consider these to be like “get out jail free” cards.  If you use or lose your passes all late work will be given a zero. These points cannot be made up.  
·         Extra credit opportunities do not exist for students with missing work.  Focus on regular credit, its much more valuable than “extra” credit. 

Work Habits/Participation Points:

·         Participation points offer students a very easy way to improve grades with little time or effort.   You can earn up to 2 points each day.  To earn these points…
o   Show up to class on time and prepared to learn.    
o   Contribute to class discussion when appropriate.      
o   Do not violate the respect rule.
o   If absent for any reason including school functions these points can be made up by completing a “This Day in History” assignment due the next class period following the absence.          
Tests and Quizzes:
·         Make up tests and quizzes are to be made up within 2 days of students’ return to class unless prior arrangements are made.

Grading Scale:

      100-94 %        A
                        93-90 %          A-
      89-87 %          B+
      86-83 %          B
      82-80 %          B-
      79-77 %          C+
      76-73 %          C
      72-70 %          C-
      69-67 %          D+
      66-63 %          D
      62-60%           D-
        < 60 %          NC

“The only place you find success before work is in the Dictionary”
-Be a success today!
Additional Assistance
·         My door is always open to helping students.  If you feel you need additional help or tutoring, please see me before or after class, or contact me through e-mail to set up a time for me to help you.